Out of the “chamber of origin” and into the fire?

Where are we in the legislative session?  You may know, but MANY Oklahomans struggle to keep up with the fast moving and complicated legislative process. Please help your friends and neighbors by sharing this information. By March 15th, all bills that will be heard this session have passed their “chamber of origin.” Any bills we […]

Tax cut fight is not over — how we could still win

Separate tax cut bills have passed in both the House and Senate, but the debate is far from over. All Democrats and several Republicans have bravely opposed the tax cuts.  We know there are more who would like to do so, but aren’t yet so brave.  Your legislators need to hear from you that cutting taxes even […]

Monday Mission Briefing

What bills are moving?  This week we’re letting you know about some priority bills we are watching.  Be ready for our action alerts, but remind your legislators of your priorities early and often. Top Priorities Upcoming events Call to Action TOK Top Priorities Our three priorities are already making waves at the state capitol, and your legislators […]

Monday Mission Briefing

Call to Action Top Priorities Other issues to watch Upcoming events Advocacy tips Call to Action Are you nervous to talk to your legislators?  Use the buddy system!  Decide todaywho can go with you to the capitol for regular visits, who can help you practice telling your story, remind you to make calls and send hand-written letters, and keep notes […]

Monday Mission Briefing

Call to Action Top Priorities Other issues to watch Upcoming events Advocacy tips Call to Action The Legislature is back in session making decisions about Oklahoma’s future. We can’t expect to have a voice in those decisions if we don’t make ourselves heard. So beginning today, we are sending out a weekly update to Together Oklahoma members. We will […]