Online voter registration needs one last boost from YOU

Hooray!  This week were are celebrating that both houses of the legislature passed SB 313 to allow online voter registration for Oklahoma citizens!  Now it’s in Governor Fallin’s hands. Today is a great day to call the governor’s office at (405) 521-2342 to let Governor Fallin know that you want her to sign SB 313 into law right away! […]

Together Oklahoma Update: Spring into action!

It’s spring! There are 9 weeks left in session, and the Oklahoma state budget is in crisis. That brings us to… ACTION ALERT: Really important decisions are being made right now about next years budget. Put in your address at to get connected with your legislators and find sample language for a letter to them. […]

Together Tuesdays Update: Stop con con in committee and the how of the budget hole

In this Together Tuesdays Update I’ll very briefly cover these few important things: What happened in the last week? Advocacy Alert: Con Con bills in committee Issue Spotlight: Explaining the budget hole How together we are making a difference What happened in the past week? Right now bills are passing in committee and moving to the House […]