Seven Ways to Boost Your Voice

Does this sound familiar?

You hear about some out-there proposal at the state Legislature, or you know about some good idea that’s not getting done, and you get inspired to mobilize – to speak up so our elected officials will hear you.

What do you?

In this Together Tuesday update I’ll very briefly cover these few important things:

  1. Seven Ways to Get Your Legislators’ Attention
  2. What happened in the last week?
  3. Issue Spotlight: Oppose the Constitutional Convention (Con Con)

Stick with us, we are stronger together!

Seven Ways to Get Your Legislators’ Attention

The Education Rally last year was the biggest one we’ve had in state history.  Being there on March 31st this year will matter too, but what else can you do about the issues that matter to you?

Remember, politicians are people too. I’ve written a whole blog post HERE with some tips on the best ways to communicate with them as people and really get your voice heard.

In summary:

  1. Talking to your legislator is about building a relationship with good communication.
  2. Face to face is the strongest way that humans communicate to build empathy with each other.
  3. A hand-written letter builds rapport and strengthens communication by showing you are willing to take the time.
  4. A phone call counts and it gives you a great way to follow up with visits and letters.
  5. Emails can also be a good follow-up and especially if they are personalized.
  6. Form emails and petitions count in numbers and may be better than nothing. Sometimes these can be important nearing a vote that was already going to be close.
  7. A rally may serve the specific purposes of building morale and/or supporting a message that has already been clearly communicated time and again with the top six strategies.

What happened in the last week:

The OK Policy team was at the capitol for committee meetings last week. (Link to our Bill Tracker HERE) Some of our favorite bills are being heard while some others aren’t gaining so much traction.  Now is a great time to make sure your elected officialls know which priorities are important to you.

Issue Spotlight

Tired of partisan gridlock?  We all are, and there are powerful folks out there depending on that fatigue to push a plan that puts all the freedoms we take for granted at stake. Some of our legislators have been convinced that it is time to throw the baby out with the bathwater and start all over again by calling a Constitutional Convention (Con Con). Many are being told that a Con Con, once called, could be controlled.  

Photo by CityGypsy11
Photo by CityGypsy11

Unfortunately that is just not how this works.

Con Con is a Pandora’s Box because the unelected delegates at the convention would have way too much power.  They could easily throw out all of the U.S. Constitution and start from scratch.  Of all the unpatriotic hoooey out there this really takes the cake!  

Stopping the Con Con in its tracks before it can even leave committee is important!  

David Blatt explains it in detail right here.

You can download our Oppose the Constitutional Convention factsheet right here.

See a map of the states who have signed on and an overview of the issue at the national level here. 

There are people on BOTH SIDES of the aisle who agree with you that this is a bad plan for the United States of America.  This is a great opportunity for us to come together and affirm that we can face our challenges without destroying the core principles upon which our nation was built.

Lets get this bad plan out of the way early and free up our advocacy time to focus on our five other priorities (2-sheet summary here) and all the rest of the good policy decisions we can make this session.

Please contact Senator Justice and ask him to NOT hear Con Con bills. Ask your networks to contact him, as well ( contact info here and below).

Senator Ron Justice
2300 N. Lincoln Blvd., RM. 526
Oklahoma City, OK 73105
(405) 521-5537
Executive Assistant: Linda Terrill